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Make Up Classes for the Experienced AND the Faint of Heart!

Have you ever wondered how to contour like Kim Kardashian?  Do you shutter at the thought of doing your eye make up?  Then these classes are for you, whether you are experienced in putting on Make Up or you have never worn anything but lip chap.  Sign up for a 3 hour class that suits your needs.


Fresh Start - Thurs. June 9th, 6 - 9 PM $75

The best beauty looks begin with great skin. Identify your unique skin type, and discover the best products to customize your daily routine.Take home an Ilike starter pack!

Flawless Face - Monday July 25th, 6 - 9 PM $75 Learn your face shape, skin tone and identify the correct foundation, then learn application tips to prep, prime and perfect your skin.Take home your select foundation!

No Make Up Make Up - Thursday Aug.4th, 6 - 9 PM $75 Go Bare but and tricks to enhance your natural beauty with subtle make up. 3 hours of instruction and a $30 make up credit 





Make Up Master Classes

The Base - Thursday June 2nd, 6 - 9 pm $75

You know the basics of how to make your skin look great, this takes it one step further. Learn to correct and conceal, contour and highlight. 3 hours of instruction and a $30 make up credit, you can't go wrong!

The Eyes - Thursday July 21st, 6 - 9 pm $75

Have you always wanted to do something different and bold with your eyes? Then this is the class for you. Learn the essential eyeliners - thick, thin, smokey or winged. Daytime and Nighttime smokey eyes!
3 hours of instruction and a $30 make up credit.

Lipz - Cheekz - Browz - Thursday August 18th, 6 - 9 pm $75

Take it one step further, ombre lips, sculpting cheek bones, on point brows! Lets do this! 3 hours of instruction and a $30 make up credit

Earth Day is April 22nd and we are celebrating!