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Like the picture says, this is pretty self explanatory, when you do good shit...good shit happens!  Did you know it is actually a scientific fact that doing good shit makes you feel better.
Have you ever felt a rush after doing a good deed? More relaxed after a day of volunteering? Did you ever feel motivated to do good after thinking about the last time you helped someone? That sensation is known as 'helpers high' and is produced when your brain releases endorphins, the feel-good chemicals of the brain. When you do good shit for someone else, your brain’s pleasure centers light up, releasing endorphin and producing this high.  If this isn't enough to convince you doing good shit also lowers your blood pressure, decreases cortisol levels and helps to fight off depression. If you are not too sure what to are some things to get you started;
* Shovel your neighbours walk when you do your own
* Volunteer at an association that has meaning to you
* If you see someone needing assistance...assist them
* Donate your old towels and sheets to the humane society
* Volunteer at the YWCA or YMCA
There are so many options big and small to do good shit, I try to at least do 1 good thing each day for someone else, this may be complimenting someones outfit or giving a hug that is clearly need or just listening.
Whatever it is you choose to do will be perfect! 
This is going to be the last beauty resolution for a while, we are going to let these sink in and I am going to add little nuggets of knowledge here every week and probably continue with the beauty resolutions again in the spring. Until then happy self love journey and don't forget...

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Well this is really getting into the meat and potatoes of this thing called self love. I thought this was a fun and easy way to teach yourself to look for the positive rather than the negative. I find sometimes in my life I can get into a bit of a rut, by that I mean a little negative rut...looking for things to pick on, like how big I feel my nose is, or my skin has blemishes or my clothes rent fitting just right. These are just a few of the things I can get into on a regular basis if I am not careful.
There is constant pressure to look better, feel better, eat better and sleep better, it seems we are NEVER GOOD ENOUGH.
But I am here to tell you (and show you) that we are!  There is more to us than just an image we take with a phone. But for now I want you to start with this image and just try to find 1 maybe 2 things you like.  I am going to share my image right here and the things I like about it, just to show you how easy it can be to just not give a shit and decide to like your self...Media be dammed.
so here it is first thing in the morning, sitting at my table writing my blog.
What I love about this picture is my tattoos and the colour of my eyes and on a deeper level, I love my little bit of goofiness.
I hope this little exercise helps with your journey to self love!

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I never know how to start these off, so I feel that maybe I will just title them Blog Entry #2 etc.
This weeks entry gets a little more into the meat and potatoes of things, some clear cut information to help change or improve your mind set.  I have used affirmations in my life at numerous different times, when I have been really low and desperately needed something to help keep me sane, and other times when I was so happy and wanted to hold onto that feeling for as long as I could. The reason I chose morning affirmations is it kind of sets your intention for the day; for example when my alarm goes off I shut it off and then start my little breathing and affirmation routine. I take three deep breaths filling my belly and lungs and I exhale through my mouth sometimes sighing or sometime silent, as I am doing this I repeat one of my affirmations.  This can really help to reset any tension, help you fully wake up your brain and organs giving them lots of oxygen in the blood and why not start your day off on a positive never know you might actually like it ;)
Some of my favourite affirmations are * I am Strong * I am Loved
* Today is Full of Possibilities and if I'm feeling really sassy
* Success will find me today!
I know I know there are SO many things we are told to do in a day, I get it...this is just my suggestion and something that has helped me to have noticeably better days.  I do want to leave you with some links to products that helped me find specific wording for the goals I wanted to achieve.
 I Can Do It - Louise Hay there is also Youtube videos of this book as well.
I also listen to a podcast called 10% Happier with Don Harris
That's it for this little instalment of self love goodies, next weeks resolution is a fun one, so get ready!
P.S. I hate the sound of traditional alarm clocks so I use my iPhone and use the  bedtime setting. Clock-Bedtime-Options-Wake Up Sound-Early Riser. This is a very pleasant sound to wake up to not an annoying beeping or buzzing!

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Well this seems like a bit of a weird start to a Beauty Resolution Blog but this idea was really in the early that I mean just a post on Instagram and I had no idea where it would lead me.  Apparently a weekly series of fabulous suggestions to help you in your journey to better self care!
So let's just dive in...why do you need to clean your makeup brushes and why is it important to your health or self care? Dirty brushes become more abrasive and dry as they become more caked with product and debris from your face. In turn, this irritates your skin. Cleaning your brushes regularly keeps them soft enough to not cause damage to your face.  Not to mention dirty makeup brushes are also a breeding ground for bacteria. We would all like to think we put our makeup on a clean face everyday, but there is always oils from our skin, moisturizer, dust and if we apply over acne...Bacteria.  In case you didn't already know that bacteria breeds bacteria, when you put dirty brushes on your face you are putting bacteria onto your skin that can cause acne or worse.

Tips on how to wash your brushes:

When wetting your brush be sure to hold it head down at an angle under LUKE WARM water. Why not hot water? If you use hot water it will break up the glue in the ferrule which will loosen the bristles and destroy your brush.

**Also, DO NOT submerge your brush and DO NOT run water into the ferrule. Doing this will also loosen the glue in the brushes.

Be sure to work a small amount of the cleanser into the hairs. Wash thoroughly but gently – DON’T scrub.

A big part of cleaning your brushes is how you dry them… DO NOT stand them up. This allows water to run into the ferrule which loosens the glue as well.

I always shake the water off and then lay them on their side over the counter. Make sure to shape the brushes don't leave them roughed up.

How often should you wash your brushes? Some you will need to wash more often than others, foundation and concealer brushes need to be washed weekly, while blush and powder brushes monthly.

I like to use a shampoo on my brushes, but dish soap works well also!


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