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Jelly Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid

Jelly Sheet Mask Hyaluronic Acid

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Hyaluronic Acid: Our hyaluronic acid jelly sheet mask is a powerful hydrating treatment for your skin that attracts and retains moisture, helping keep the skin hydrated and plump. This mask contains nourishing ingredients to improve the skin’s texture leaving it smooth, radiant & youthful.
Skin Types: Suitable for dehydrated skin  

Key Features

  • Made with 100% high-quality ingredients
  • Rich in vitamins & micronutrients
  • Improves, repairs, and hydrates skin
  • All masks are vegan & cruelty-free

After cleansing and toning, carefully open the sheet mask pack and apply the mask
evenly onto the face. Leave on for 15-20 minutes. Before discarding, pat any excess serum
into the skin.

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